Cardinals defense stops Rebels, Cardinals win 14-13

The Cardinals held on to win 14-13 against AB Miller’s Rebels in a defensive battle on Friday, October 21, 2022. This game was special for many reasons – it was homecoming and this game carried the weight of playoff and league title implications.

Game Recap

The Rebels scored a touchdown in the first quarter, but the Cardinals responded with a TD in the second. With a missed 2-point conversion, the score was 7-6 Rebels at the end of the first half.

The Cardinals came out strong in the second half with a TD and successful 2-point conversion with under three minutes to go in third. The Rebels responded with their own TD with under a minute in the third quarter, but with a great defensive stop by the Cardinals, the Rebels’ attempt at their own 2-point conversion failed.

The score held at 14-13 going into the fourth quarter. The Cardinals’ and Rebels’ defenses held their opposing offenses in check for most of the fourth quarter. In a tension-filled final drive, the Rebels brought the ball down the field, and with just over two minutes left, attempted a field goal that would win them the game…and it was short. The Cardinals win the game 14-13.


Junior quarterback, Xavier Alvarez rushed for 147 yards on 14 carries.

Senior George Jones rushed for 100 yards on 10 carries, scored a touchdown and a 2-point conversion. He was also a key player on defense, with four solo tackles, five assisted tackles, and caused one fumble.

Junior Isaiah Lopez rushed for 25 yards on three carries, including a touchdown.

Senior Jesus Claudio, was all over the Rebels as he had two solo tackles and 12 assisted tackles.

Mark Roybal had two solo and six assisted tackles as well as one quarterback hurry and a defensed pass.

Junior Miking Cash had two solo and seven assisted tackles.

The football game

Homecoming festivities

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