HOCC: Desiree Ortiz

Desiree Ortiz, 10, explains her story: what she likes to do and what she does when she feels like she’s struggling in life. She feels pressure from her parents and support from her friends. It was difficult for Desiree when her uncle passed away whom she loved dearly. Here is her story. 

Tyro Times: “How did you feel this morning?”

Desiree Ortiz: “Felt tired, kind of exhausted.”

TT: “How come?”

DO: “Because of school stress and a lot of things on my mind. Pressure with, like pressure that teachers give me or that my parents give me, a lot to deal with.

TT: “How do you cope with it?”

DO: “Well, I tried to just listen to it and then ignore it at the same time. I tried to just do my best to do whatever they ask or whatever they want me to do and then I just ignore the rest.”

TT: “Why did you decide to come to school today?”

DO: “Because I needed to get work done and get my grades up.”

TT: “Are you comfortable?”

DO: “Very comfortable.”

TT: “Why?”

DO: “Because I have friends and supporters and amazing commanders that help out. My friends are very supportive. They’re kind. They know how to listen to me when I need them to. They know how to be there for my worst and best days. 

TT: “What about your family?”

DO: “My family… my family… they try but they use negative against me.  I think they might be feeling disappointed in me…upset with me.”

TT: “Are there any specific reasons why you think of it that way?”

DO: “ Because I may not be trying hard enough. My grades are not at the best right now. And I haven’t necessarily, or I don’t feel like I’ve made them proud so far.”

TT: “What do you think you can do to make them proud?”

DO: “ Try my best and get my grades up. Like getting some sort of sport or activity and show them how much I can do.”

TT: “How do you think your friends are feeling?”

DO: “Friends are feeling… I think my friends are feeling also exhausted and coping, trying to cope with themselves as well.”

TT: “Do you give them any advice?”

DO: “Well, I tell them, you know, just follow by the rules. Do whatever they want you to do and then just ignore the rest in the negative drama . You know, toxicity.”

TT: “Do they give you any advice?”

DO: “Yeah, they they try helping they try telling me to you know, ignore everything or all the bad things or all the shameful comments and stuff that my parents are like, you know, family wise, tell me”

TT: “Do you have any advice for those others out there that you don’t know that are struggling with the same thing?”

DO: “I would say just ignore the bad stuff because if you keep listening to the negative all you’re gonna get is a negative outcome.”

TT: “In this very moment, what do you wish that you could be doing?”

DO: “I wish I could be doing just you know working or you know like being with friends like I usually am. I like staying after school because it helps me a lot instead of like, you know, always going home straight home to all the negativity. I have something to kind of clear my mind.”

TT: “How is your emotional state?”

DO: “Iffy. It’s quite iffy. It’s not good, but also not like that bad, you know? Just not the best. I feel like I’m getting worse. I feel like I haven’t tried enough.”

TT: “ You lack motivation?”

DO: “A lot.”

TT: “What started that? That lack of motivation? What made you feel like you couldn’t do it anymore?”

DO: “When I lost my uncle. He was my inspiration. He was my help. He was my cry, too. He would always be there with me. Like anytime I would need help in school. Anytime I would need rides to anything important, an important event, he would always be the one to show up.”

TT: “What do you think that he would be thinking right now seeing that? You falling out of motivation that you don’t know what to do? What do you think he would feel?”

DO: “I think he’s upset with me. Like he would be upset with me? Because I’m not doing as great as I promised I would be.”

TT: “When you think about your uncle, how do you feel? Do you feel pushed down? Do you feel a little bit better?” 

DO: “I feel hurt. I feel like down. I don’t feel good? Because he was too young to pass away and I lost him at an age when I needed him most.”

TT: “Do you have a coping method?”

DO: “Listen to music or I hang around a lot with my siblings. My brothers help a lot.”

TT: “Do you have any advice for others that are suffering with the same problem?”

DO: “ Don’t think negatively. Try to motivate yourself or find that one thing that can motivate you again, or look at it as a goal like if anything, you’ll still try harder you know?”

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