All About Senior Luis Rojas

Who is Luis Rojas?

Luis Rojas is a current senior at San Bernardino High School. Rojas is a bright, outgoing, and energetic student. Most people would describe Rojas’ personality as adaptive and chill.

“Luis is a cool person who you can get along with. He has a special type of humor, something not everyone is used to,” said senior Cesar Arredondo.


Childhood and School Life

“My childhood has to be my favorite part of life. To this day I still miss everything. The old TV shows, cartoons, toys. It was all just fun. One thing from my childhood that I miss is going to the park with my family,” said Rojas.

Some of Rojas’ hobbies consist of playing games, playing the guitar and piano. Rojas is involved in San Bernardino High School’s Public Safety Academy and the after school program, YAPS.

One of Rojas’ favorite things in school is being able to see and hang out with friends. Rojas’ friends have helped motivate his passions and goals. Rojas’ main goal after high school is to attend the University Technical Institute. He plans to get an Associates’ degree and pursue his career to be an Automotive Technician. 



Rojas’ friends are the most important to him. Each one of his friends have had an impact on his life. Most of his friends who he is still in touch with are from middle school. Majority of his friends just so happen to be some skaters of San Bernardino High School. Rojas likes to surround himself with other students who have an edgy, chill, and aesthetic personality. People who have a similar vibe or energy he perceives. 

His current best friend is Rene Maldonado, a former student of San Bernardino High School. They have been friends for 5 years, since 8th grade.

“Luis is a very funny, smart, all around good guy, his personality is very outgoing and out there. So like all of us, Luis is like a dad of the group. He’ll have fun but when it gets serious he’ll be serious. So it’s very double-sided. But overall, he is a very lovable, nice friend and I know he calls me his best friend but I consider him as my brother. P.S. he’s my boyfriend… (laughs jokingly),” said Rene Maldonado.


Role Model and Idol

“My role model is hands down my mom. She has always been there for me. Whenever I need something or anything. She does everything for me. I can always count on her. We have a great mother-son relationship,” said Rojas. 

Rojas describes his relationship with his mom as unique and special. He has always been able to look up to her. Her passion and determination is something that Rojas admires the most.

“I am very proud of my mom. She’s the best and I wouldn’t change her for anything,” said Rojas.


Advice and Tips

“Do your own thing, who cares. In the end no one’s opinion matters. You’ll only have yourself. Do better and do more,” said Rojas.

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