A look into the Nest Coffee Cart

The Nest Coffee Cart Company employees let us in on an inside scoop about what it’s like working at the cart. They are open in the quad every morning from 7:00-7:30 for students and until 8:00 am for teachers, as well as after school from 2:50-3:30 pm. They are serving both hot and cold coffee to help students and staff start off their day on the right foot.

Aldrich Duque, Karla Ponce, Nadine Ruiz, Eileen Vasquez,  Karen Vasquez,  Jocelyn Verdejo, Hailey Mejia, Jamie Lusuna, and Anne Martinez are all student employees who help with the coffee cart.

“I’d say working here has helped me improve my skills,”said senior Saul Felix. 

 Karen Vasquez, a senior and The Nest Coffee Cart Company manager, is glad she has the opportunity to work.

“Working here is a nice and beneficial experience and I’m glad I can take part in it.”

Students Saul Felix and Karen Valazquez working the register and taking a student’s order.

Mr. Dos Remedios, facilitator and business & finance teacher, provided information on the profit of this business.

“The money pays for yearbooks, homecoming, prom, and grad night for the workers, and tips go to them as well.”

With this new addition on campus, many students and teachers have had a chance to try it out and have their opinions about the experience. 

“My order was a vanilla caramel iced coffee. It was bitter to taste and the vanilla was strong…rating would probably be a rating of 8. Sure I’d purchase again,” said James Sotelo, 11.

“I ordered a cold brew and thought it tasted pretty good, customer service was kind and makes you want to stop by again,” said Viviana Munoz.

“The most popular item is probably the cold brew during mornings,” said Dos Remedios.

“I love having a coffee cart on campus. Sometimes as a teacher a little ‘pick-me-up’ is needed at the end of the day and it’s great that we don’t have to leave campus to get that,” said Mrs. Schmidt, librarian and journalism teacher. “My favorite ‘fancy’ coffee is a hot vanilla latte and they make a really good one. The vanilla isn’t too strong, the coffee tastes great, and the price is awesome! It’s not overpriced at all like some of those other coffee places.”

“I ordered the cafe americano and it was so good along with the service,” said biology and physio teacher, Mrs. Wagner. “I think having the cart is an amazing idea and an amazing opportunity to develop job skills and business experience. It’s fun to see them because they were also my past students.”

So make sure to stop by and try their coffee. As a bonus they’re having a December special: with every purchase you receive a candy cane!!

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