Class of ’21: AVIDized and Sashed

AVID is an elective course on campus taught by Mrs. Corigliano and Mrs. Akahoshi; a course designed to provide students with the support – academic, social, and emotional – they need to be successful in high school and college.

AVID stands for Advancement via Individual Determination. This year’s students have definitely needed (and shown!) individual determination to advance and succeed in their learning as they faced challenges and experiences unlike anything our students have had to face before.

Twenty-two graduating seniors persevered this year and met the requirements needed to receive their AVID sashes this year.

The requirements they met include:

  • Participating in AVID for three years
  • Passing AVID with a C or higher
  • Meeting all the A-G requirements
  • Being accepted into a 4-year college or university
  • Passing all of their classes at the time of the sashing

The Class of 2021’s “sashed” AVID seniors are:

  • Elvira Aceves
  • Jeremiah Alvarado
  • Nubia Ambrossi
  • Emily Aranda
  • Isabel Arroyo
  • Alondra Ascencio
  • Esmeralda Ceja
  • Jesus Estrada
  • Rubi Delgado
  • Gustavo Formento
  • Fernanda Jauregui
  • Kayla Jimenez
  • Steffany Jimenez
  • Lizett Loera
  • Melissa Magana
  • Evelyn Mendez
  • Marlene Olivas
  • Maria Romero
  • Silvia Ruano
  • Melina Toledo
  • Nanci Valadez
  • Gabriel Zarate


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