Class of ’21: AVIDized and Sashed

AVID is an elective course on campus taught by Mrs. Corigliano and Mrs. Akahoshi; a course designed to provide students with the support – academic, social, and emotional – they need to be successful in high school and college. AVID stands for Advancement via Individual Determination. This year’s students have definitely needed (and shown!) individual determination to advance and succeed in their learning as they … Continue reading Class of ’21: AVIDized and Sashed

Cardinal Questions and Randomness

This weekly feature is where we ask four students and a teacher random questions and hopefully get to know our Cardinals just a little bit better. If you have questions you’d like to see featured here, let us know in the reply section, come to the library, or send us a message in Instagram! The more random and funnier, the better! Answers compiled by Destiny … Continue reading Cardinal Questions and Randomness