Freshmen experiences

Freshmen usually don’t get involved in after school activities because they feel as if it will cause them more stress or they may still have the mindset of still thinking they are still in middle school. 

Getting involved in many after school activities helps you with college and helps with multitasking. It also helps to make friends. For example, if you join a sport, you are now part of a team and you can socialize with them and make many friends.

Ziclaly, a freshman involved in volleyball, said it is hard to catch up like the rest of her classmates, but it is possible if you ask the teacher or classmates for help.

On Tuesday, October 1 Ziclaly Belmont and her team went against Rubidoux. She plays back row so she can hit it over the net or pass it to her teammates in the front row

“You just have to relax. Release it out, that’s what I do. With your own pressure you get satisfied with your own results,” Ziclaly Belmont says.

Joining after school activities can also help with peer pressure. You can challenge your skills mentally and physically. 

Some freshmen don’t join after school activities because their parents don’t let them stay after school, but there are actually some clubs you can join that don’t require you to stay after school. 

One of these clubs is Life Skills. They have meetings in B-109 at 8:00am on Mondays. You can get more information with Mr. Burg in room B-108.

One way you can get involved is by talking with a freshmen teacher who can tell you what you can join so you don’t have to be lost on what you want to do. You can also ask a friend to join with you so you can be comfortable and have fun as well.

If you do get to join any sport/clubs here in SBHS, have some fun because that is what is going to make your high school years fun. Also if you get involved. you are going to make some fun memories out of it, so get involved if you don’t want boring memories.

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