That’s what she said

Students here at San Bernardino High School clearly date one another. One question that was asked to 17 SBHS girls, including Tyro Staff was: If you can say one last thing to your ex, what would you say? Here are some of their responses. “Your friend was better.” – Rachel Felix, 9th “Why’d you break up with me?” – Anonymous “I’m sorry I love you.” … Continue reading That’s what she said

Mystery of the Mascot

Have you ever wondered who our school mascots are? Did you know that their names are Jonny Cardinal and Jessica Cardinal. Their true identities have historically always been kept a secret until the end of the school year when the big reveal was made in the yearbook. Well, this year, we are bringing back that tradition! At the end of the year, Tyro Annual (Yearbook) … Continue reading Mystery of the Mascot