Cadets in AFJROTC learn respect and drill

By Michael Torres

It’s another typical Tuesday of drill where cadets in AFJROTC dress in uniforms and practice drill sequences. Cadets have to dress sharply in their uniforms and practice drills.

Every Tuesday we have to wear our uniform and we are supposed to wear it, we’ll wear it at a point where you look sharp, have everything right, your shirt tucked in, said Cindy Perez, the student sergeant.

Each cadet at SBHS, from the freshmen to the seniors, have to listen to commands in a perfectly ordered manner to achieve their goal and to get credits to pass their career path class.

AFJROTC is not only just performing drills and dressing appropriately; they do activities such as color guard, physical training (PT), and field trips to learn about leadership and being respectful to others.

We learn about leadership and doing a lot of stuff with rifles, color guard. We do activities and we learn how to be respectful, said Perez.

Some people say that AFJROTC isn’t fun because they don’t like their activities, but joining AFJROTC teaches students about respect and leadership.

Cadets who have been in AFJROTC for over one year can apply for an important position and take on a new role as a returning cadet.

My position here is color guard commander and staff sergeant, Perez said.

In order to achieve a higher rank, cadets need to participate in PT and drills, dress appropriately, be respectful, understand leadership, and understand the purpose of flight and how it works.

When I chose my pathways in Arrowview – when I had to fill out my packet – my niece actually was in ROTC and she was commander, which made me want to do the same, said Perez.

AFJROTC is a school program that trains and gives knowledge to high school students, either preparing them for the military or their experience in the program can go on their resume and help their future career.

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