Rivalry: SBHS vs. Pacific High

The San Bernardino High School vs. Pacific High School game was the last game of the season for the Cardinals football team. This game was a good game and although we didn’t win, we gave our all on the field like we always do.

While our record for the season is 0-10, all that lets us as Cardinals know is there is much room to focus more on our greatness and potential for next season. Many players loved the game and plan on continuing to play despite this year’s season. The coaches also plan on pushing future players harder than ever to prepare for next season.

During the game, linebacker #23, Andy Bourland, was injured on the field which resulted in a minor head injury yet he continued playing the rest of the game.

Gabriel Zarate getting ready for the play during 2nd quarter.

Star quarterback, #9 Gabriel Zarate, made one of two touchdowns in the game, and had some amazing plays as well. One quote he lives by and continued to remind himself is

Patience is a virtue. Keep doing what you want to do and eventually things will happen.

Arian Foster, Houston Texans Running Back

Star wide receiver and quarterback ,#4 Jaidyn Jones, did an amazing job but seemed frustrated, as many others were, since the game wasn’t going according to plan.

Coach Shawn Collins seemed upset about the way the game was playing out. Collins simply said,

There is so much growth we can make.

Truly, there is so much these players can improve on. While some players still have much room to grow, many are graduating such as Jones, who wants to attend Alabama A&M college and continue playing football for them.

Another team player graduating is team captain #55, Xavier Palacios, who had a great season like many others. The ending score of Friday night’s last game was 48-12. 

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