2018 San Bernardino High School XC Season

Continuing its progression of success over the past seasons, the San Bernardino High School cross country team just had one of the most challenging, and historical, seasons yet. This year was a challenging one for the team as they had to battle with extreme weather conditions, problems at home, and with a lot of injuries.

The lady cardinals were the first ever girls’ team to become league champions, and the first ever team in the city to go to CIF Finals. Coach Hinkleman was very excited to see this very talented and hard working group of girls perform. This season the girls won the league and beat Vista Del Lago, Rubidoux, Indian Springs, Moreno Valley, and A.B. Miller.

With only two seniors coming back this year the boys, Coach Hinkleman was not expecting them to go as far as they did. The boys were not as talented as the girls finished in 6th place in their first league game. The boys worked really hard and ended up beating Indian Springs, Vista Del Lago, A.B. Miller and Moreno Valley to finish second place in league.

The Boys’ season performance surprised the coaches and if they keep working hard they will have another successful season. The lady cardinals had a record breaking performances this season. The 2019-2020 season will a great season for the boys and the girls if they work as hard as they did this season.

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