SBHS: A School Full of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a day of family, food, and gratitude. A day where we take a moment to push aside the negativity and doubt in our minds and instead pause and reflect on the blessings we’ve been given, on the joy we experience in life.

San Bernardino High School is no different. A random sampling of the staff and students on our campus reveals much about what we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Thankful Students

“The fact that I have Mr. Corigliano first period so I don’t have to think about my bad grade all day! Thanks Mr. C!” ~ 11th grader

“Finally having a break!” ~ Jhunelyn, 12th grade

“Not having to pay for my public education.” ~ Jeremy B.

“All the friends I’ve made throughout the years in high school.” ~ Bryan Rosales


“My two closest friends who are in my life and listen to my problems and complaints even if I do annoy them sometimes.” ~ Evelyn Chavez

“Being so close to graduating.” ~ Guadalupe Lopez

“My family, friends, and music.” ~ Jacqueline De Paz

“My day and my siblings. I appreciate them.” ~ Jessica Nunez

“Family, my boyfriend, food, and Mr. Corigliano’s inspiration.” ~ Anthony Valencia

“Blingalicious nails.” ~ Dania San Martin

“My friends.” ~ Billy Rice

“Stories, to live another life.” ~ Peyton

“Opportunities” ~ Estefania Vejar

“My life, even though I have my ups and downs.” ~ Norma Nava

“Mrs.  Schmidt.” ~ Angie Fausto

“FOOD! But family is important too.” ~ 11th grader

Hervin (1)

“My family and another day of life.” ~ 11th grader

“My family and the support I get.” ~ 11th grader

“My education” ~ 12th grader

“Being alive :)” ~ 10th grader


“My friends” ~ Fiorella Cespedes

“My friends and family” ~ Remijia Placencia

“My friends, my family, my life. Everything I have because not everyone gets what they want.” ~ Joana Longoria

“The bakery in my school.” ~ Trang


“I’m grateful for shows and books because they help me unwind.” ~ Cristina Gaeta

“I’m grateful for my mom because she cooks really well and cleans my room.” ~ Kimberlyn Chavez

“I’m grateful that I have a mom to support me when needed, and friends who care about me and want me as a friend.” ~ Adrian Guzman

“I am grateful that I have an education and a chance to make a difference in the world, even if it is a small change.” ~ Martha Canela


Thankful Staff

“I am thankful to have amazing students who make it FUN to come to work every day! ~ Mrs. Wilson

“I am thankful to have booked the most amazing prom venue EVER! Can’t wait to reveal the surprise!” ~ Mrs. Imbriani

I’m thankful for all the people in my life who love me no matter what. 

I’m thankful I got to live for 41 years in a world that had my daddy in it. 

I’m thankful for my ability to learn, grow, change, and improve myself.

I’m thankful that I work at a school with so many supportive and dedicated people. 

I’m thankful [for] a reason to reflect on all the things I have to be grateful for. ~Ms. Olsen

“I’m thankful for all of the Academy students who every day show each other and their teachers they are valued and worthwhile!” ~ Ms. Juras

“I am thankful for students who turn quality work in on time, even when I don’t grade work on time! It restores some of my faith in humanity.” ~ Mrs. Baker


“I’m thankful for being able to afford the necessities and many of my wants too!” ~ Mrs. Borucki

“I’m thankful for reconciliation.” ~ Ms. Budd


“I’m thankful we have the freedom to practice whatever religion we want in this country.” ~ CMSgt. Nodine

“I am thankful that I work in a wonderful environment and for my beautiful family.” ~ Ms. Marisol Sanchez

“I am thankful for an amazing job where I’m able to work with amazing students!” ~ Ms. Rees

“Thankful for my family and my students who stress me out and make laugh on the daily! ;)” ~ Mrs. Bunn


“Being in my home.” ~ Mrs. Cooper

“I’m thankful for my friends and family!” ~ Mrs. Holm

“I am thankful for having another year of life in which I can enjoy my job, wife, friends, and family. (My birthday is always on Thanksgiving week.)” ~ Mr. Nunez

thankful (1)

“FAMILY!” ~ Obongen

“This year, I am thankful that my kids and grandkids live close enough to visit often. I am also thankful for doctors who can treat health issues quickly.” ~ Ms. Vega

“The biggest thing I am thankful for is that my grandson, who was born with health issues is doing great. He is making progress with the weekly physical and occupational therapy. He has gained weight and is now up to 15 lbs. We just celebrated his first birthday! I thank God everyday for the progress he has made.” ~ Mrs. Richardson

“A place to call home.” ~ Mrs. Liu

“I’m thankful for my wife who supports me through thick and thin and is who carrying our baby.

I am thankful for my family who is always there to life me up when I fall down. 

I am thankful for my football players and my students who can always put a smile on my face.” ~ Mr. Choate


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