Black Friday 101

The History of Black Friday

Black Friday is the day where many of us spend hours outside in the freezing cold waiting for the amazing sales. But how did this day even begin? During the Great Depression, Thanksgiving used to be on the fifth week of November. However, retailers warned that their stores will go bankrupt thanks to the short shopping season. As a result, they petitioned to move Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday.

In the 1950s, people began to take a four-day weekend since the stores opened for business the next day and paid their workers instead of figuring out whose check to cut. Then in 1966, the name Black Friday came to life.

Black Fright-Day

I remember my first time going to Black Friday; I was literally waiting in the freezing cold outside my favorite store, The 99 Cent Store. Once I entered, it turned out they weren’t having any Black Friday sales which bummed me out. As I walked back to my car to drive, I noticed horrible mayhem across the street. As I got closer, a car nearly ran me over, but I couldn’t say the same to the man I witnessed on the other side.

Black Friday Survival Tips:

  1. Get the Thanksgiving Newspaper: Figure out what items you are going to purchase and fight for during Black Friday.
  2. Make a Plan & Map it Out: Figure out what stores you want to go to and buy everything you want on sale.
  3. Select Your Units Wisely: Going alone to Black Friday is dangerous and yo won’t be able to get all the things you want. So make sure to pick the perfect people to help you in Black Friday shopping.
  4. The Perfect Armor: Wear the right clothing that will be comfortable and allow you to move around quicker. This is especially important since you are going to be running around trying to get your child that new toy or game.
  5. Stick to the Range: One thing that everyone forgets about is remembering how much money they have to spend. REMEMBER YOUR BUDGET!
  6. Department Stores and Then Others: Always hit the big stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, etc. first to buy the more expensive items first. Plus, other frantic shoppers are most likely to shop here too so those big items will picked over if you wait too long.
  7. Risk vs. Reward: Take precautions. It’s better to be alive than die or get injured for a silly item.
  8. Resting Period: Make sure to take a break and eat some snacks because you will get tired.
  9. First Boots: According to studies, winter boots go on sale at very low prices so make sure to buy some for the winter snow.
  10. Stock Up on Home Goods: Just make sure to go for and buy the expensive things first.

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