SBHS Teacher Profile: Mrs. Imbriani

Mrs. Imbriani is the school’s ASB adviser and bakery teacher. She advises ASB to better the spirit of the school. Mrs. Imbriani thinks it is important for students to get involved in our school’s activities in a positive way. The main reason she advises ASB is because she thinks students at the school should support the school and each other and she believes that they can do that by participating in her ASB activities.

Being the adviser of ASB is not as easy as it may seem; she is, in fact, facing several issues. “Trying to come up with ideas and finances are an issue,” she said.

Time is also a challenge she faces. After 3 o’clock is when she is able to focus on what is needed for clubs. She does not want the students at school to think that ASB is taking advantage of them which is why she tries her best to accomplish duties and tasks when she needs to.

In addition to ASB, she also always plans and makes fun things for her bakery class. She plans these activities according to the season. For example, during Halloween, her classes participated in a pumpkin carving contest.

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