Newly Elected Mayor to Cardinal City

During the last rally of the 2018 year,  we saw Kimberly Leonardo pass her title to the newly elected Cardinal City Mayor, Jhunelyn Parafina! Jhunelyn is our first Asian mayor to serve our great Cardinal City.

She is already showing she will be a great leader and understands her duties as Cardinal City Mayor. Reflecting on her role for next year, Mayor Parafina said, “Winning the title of Cardinal City Mayor makes me feel like the future of the next school year rests in my hands. Taking this huge responsibility of being the leader of leaders and designing the path to success – whether it’s a successful rally or another successful event – is a lot to take in. Signing up for this position, I can already tell that many people have high expectations of me. Winning this title has given me the chance to change the spirit of this school and create a year to remember.”

Her plans for the next school year as Cardinal City Mayor is never ending she said.  “There are so many exciting events and fundraisers I want to implement at our school. My major goal for next year is to raise school spirit. The lack of school spirit in Cardinal City is such a major issue. I want to make students realize that high school is the time to break out of your shell and experience what the school and life has to offer.

Seeing other schools such as Cajon living the high school life has given me this fire in my chest, that motivation, to not be like them, but be better than them – better than them both academically and in school spirituality.”

As we can see, our newly elected mayor has the heart of a cardinal.

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