Law and Society’s First Graduating Class

On June 9th, 2018 at Cal State San Bernardino’s Coussoulis Arena, the first generation of San Bernardino High School’s Law & Society pathway will walk across the stage and receive their diploma. The Law and Society pathway focuses on law, International Trade and Politics vs Government. Students in this taking these courses also learn the importance of giving back to our community. Mr. Wingo, the Law and Society instructor, not only taught students how to read and analyze law, but he also them how to be student leaders. It is safe to say that he succeeded since students enrolled in his pathway were running the school as Cardinal City Mayor, Miss Cardinal, Mr. Cardinal, Cardinal City Historian, Editor-in-Chief for the Tyro Annual, Editor-in-Chief for the Tyro Times, and as ASB members.  Law and Society is striving to be one of the best pathways at San Bernardino High School and will have made steps towards that goal when the Class of 2018 graduates on Saturday, June 9.

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