Seniors’ Favorite Teacher Memories

Teachers have a huge impact on students. Sometimes that impact is deep and heartfelt and sometimes it is light-hearted and fun. Here are some of the best memories San Bernardino High School’s Class of 2018 has of their teachers!

Favorite Teacher Memories:

– Arguing about dogs with Ms. Olsen – Christopher Ruiz

– When Ms. Munoz wrote me a letter to give me encouragement when I felt depressed. – Biviana Valencia

– Having a breakfast “final” for my library aide period with Mrs. Schmidt. – Blanca Rivas

– Hinkleman singing Belle’s “I just want want more than this provincial life” in class. – Natalie Valdez

– When Mr. Wingo said “I’d love to help the lesbians” after being asked to help the Thespians. – Jessica Aguirre

– Mrs. Alvarez spending the entire period opening up to the class and sharing her experiences and advice – Alexis Armendariz

– When Mrs. Bunn would call me a Big Baby for complaining all the time. – Anonymous

– Every sarcastic remark made by Guillory – Valeria Garcia

– When Mr. Carver would scare people with the animal in the box – Mercedes V.

– Juras fighting with Schmidt about politics – Gustavo Veliz

– Hinkleball – Valeria Madrid

– When Mr. Meyer dressed up as a rapper – Vanessa Echeverria

– Dancing at state festival (and failing) with Ms. Parker – Emmanuel Luna

– When Ms. Munoz would call me “pobrecita” – Natividad Gonzalez

– Mr. Akahoshi playing music during passing period – Angie Cortez

– When Mrs. Moore couldn’t stop laughing over something she saw in a movie – Jessica Gertsch

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