Cardinal City Poets

April is National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poetry and the creative mind. We held an open submission asking for Cardinal City poets to send us their poems. Here are some of their submissions.

Thoughts in My Head by Gabriel Lorenzana

I feel like I'm trapped in a box, 
Caged in with seven different locks, 
The only thing that lies with me are my thoughts, 
But it brought in here a noise so distraught, 

So irritating, I couldn't sit still, 
Only to realize my thoughts started expanding
and the room began to fill, 
I begin to desperately panic to figure out how
do I get out of this place, 
But I locked myself in here with no intention to escape, 

As I lie here almost consumed, 
Thinking my death will end up in this empty tomb, 
I take my final breath,
Since I lost to the thoughts in my head.

Seamless by Alejandra Gomez

I love you. 
I love when you 
mess up your hair. 
I love when you
laugh till despair. 
I love how daring you are.
I love how caring you are.
Without you I have no air. 
Without you I rip out my hair. 

Siblings by Destiny Chavez

My siblings are a blessing, 
we've done everything together. 
We've cried together, we've 
laughed together, and even have 
had some fights. 

Sometimes I may not show it, 
but know that I always think
about you. Yes, we may annoy
each other. Yes, we may fight. 
Yes, we may argue a lot. But still
I want you to know that I care
for you and love you. 

My siblings are a blessing. 
Thank you God, for choosing 
me to be their sister.

Write About Happy Things by Gabriel Lorenzana

I want to write about the sin without the clouds, 
Write about the cute girl I see walking around, 
Write about how a flower blooms, 
Write about always playing an instrument in the right tune, 
Write about that class I finally understood. 
I just want to write about everything going good,
But unfortunately, I only write what I see, 
I need to start seeing happier things.

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