Quarantine trend – crystals

The pandemic certainly sparked interests in our students; it gave them time to truly explore their hobbies or interests they didn’t even know they had. One of these happened to be crystals, which are a variety of stones with potential healing properties, and students’ uses of crystals vary on the subject.

“I was really bored over the pandemic. I had nothing that caught my eye other than playing more video games and crystals so they became a big part of my life,” said Alyssa Itturalde, 11. “Owning some like carnelian and amethyst have actually impacted my life. I feel like they help.”

Itturalde, and other girls like her who were looking for a stable hobby over the pandemic, can find comfort in learning more about this particular interest. Just like different crystals such as rose quartz, obsidian, and tiger’s eye, their owners all have different reasons for owning the stone. 

Cynthia Garcia owns some simply because she enjoys the appearance. Learning about the stones is interesting to her.

“I do know what they do. I believe in their properties, but another reason is I just think they’re pretty. If I see a pretty stone, I’ll take it but I’ll try and learn about it later on,” said Garcia. “I think even if I didn’t enjoy crystals, they would be around me anyway. My family and overall culture believes in them and other things like witchcraft, so crystals have never been foreign to me. They mean something to my family and me.”

Some students have found they can make a little extra money utilizing the crystals. Vannya Montiel, 11, sells crystal jewelry to her fellow students, and enjoys doing so. She believes in their properties, but enjoys the excitement in her customers’ eyes when they receive the crystal they purchased.

“I’m always open to people buying from me. I love every crystal bracelet and necklace I own, and I hope someone else will too,” said Montiel.

There is no set rule on how to enjoy a hobby, and crystals prove that. Whether it is comfort, cultural connections, or a small business, the interest goes far beyond than just being a trend in the pandemic. 

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