Expectations vs reality: underclassmen in high school

Growing up, we all saw glimpses of high school in the media. Movies like High School Musical, Grease, and so many others made us think of high school in a certain light, such as cliques, parties every weekend, and chaos unfolding left and right.  However, are these expectations true most of the time for anyone?  In order to find out, we asked people who are … Continue reading Expectations vs reality: underclassmen in high school

2022 Drum Major auditions and results

Every year, our school’s marching band is led by a student known as Drum Major. In short, they are captain figures for all of the band, including Drumline and Color Guard. Every year during the second semester, the band has a competition all the band members can participate in.  This year’s three contestants were Andrew Leyva (11), Cesar Mora (11), and Kaitlyn Franco (10). Each … Continue reading 2022 Drum Major auditions and results

Quarantine trend – crystals

The pandemic certainly sparked interests in our students; it gave them time to truly explore their hobbies or interests they didn’t even know they had. One of these happened to be crystals, which are a variety of stones with potential healing properties, and students’ uses of crystals vary on the subject. “I was really bored over the pandemic. I had nothing that caught my eye … Continue reading Quarantine trend – crystals