Winner takes the crown

Most people think that Miss Cardinal is easy and anyone can do it. One thing that may be true about Miss Cardinal is that sure, anyone can join, but it’s not easy as everyone seems. The aura of the theater was lively and everyone was very excited to see the 15 contestants compete for this year’s Miss Cardinal. Meanwhile, backstage, the contestants were filled with nervousness and excitement as they waited for their opening dance and the pageant in general.

Opening Dance

Each Miss Cardinal contestant on stage for the big opening dance. Presenting themselves to the audience; they all look gorgeous.

As the opening dance began, all of the contestants ran down the aisle waving to the audience. Music was blaring through the speakers as all of the girls made their way to the stage. The girls were nervous, but when they walked up on stage, they seemed to let that feeling go away. The dance was phenomenal and all of the girls had fun. 

After the dance finished, Jhunelyn Parafina, the 2018-2019 Miss Cardinal, introduced the audience to the pageant. The crowd roared with excitement as each of the contestants confidently stood on stage as they were introduced. Briefly, they went backstage to get ready for the “Passion for Fashion Competition.”

Words from the Past Miss Cardinal Court

Previous Miss Cardinal court of 2018-2019 pose for a picture backstage after their interviews. (from left to right) Jhunelyn Parafina, Miss Cardinal 2018-2019; Sara Garcia, 1st Runner Up; Rosa Santana, Ambassador; and Miranda Maestas, 2nd Runner Up.

During the preparations of “Passion for Fashion Competition,” Parafina was extremely ecstatic when she was interviewed backstage and was asked about how she felt of crowning someone else.

I feel so excited like giving the opportunity to another girl to experience what I’ve experienced,” she said. “It’s going to be so exciting for them and I’m gonna be happy for the next winner and I’ll always be there to support!

Sara Garcia was also interviewed backstage, along with Rosa Santana and Miranda Maestas. They were all asked how they felt about being here today and what Miss Cardinal means to them.

Sara, the 2018-2019 First Runner Up, said, “We’ve had time adulting you know especially going right out of high school, it’s not easy to just take this off and let this go, it is a big part of you and it’s a title that you carry.


Norma Nava on stage during the Passion for Fashion competition.

One by one, each contestant strutted down the stage in their attire for their extra curricular activities that they are involved in. The judges were keeping track of the points each contestant earned as they finished their time on stage and the next beauty went up. After each contestant went up, they went backstage once again to get ready for the Formal Wear Competition.

Once the time came, half of the contestants presented themselves in their beautiful dresses in front of the judges as the other half waited for their turn to walk on stage.

Semi – Finalists

*from left to right* Estefania Vejar, Jenna Lopez, Remijia Plascencia, Trinity Flores, Bertha Arias, Lysandra Roman, Mariah Gage, Delaney Flores, Jaelynn Tate, and Norma Nava. Top 10 Miss Cardinal contestants on stage waiting for judges to announce the Top 5.

All girls presented themselves on stage as each of the Top 10 finalists’ names were read out loud. Each contestant was asked a number of questions in order to narrow the Top 10 to Top 5. After all of the contestants went up and answered their questions, they all went backstage for a mini break as the audience watched a short video about Nancy Magana to commemorate her.

After the moment of silence, the visiting royalty and former Miss Cardinal court came up to be introduced to the audience by their titles as the judges were getting ready to announce the Top 5. The top 10 finalists came back onstage as the top finalists names were read and they prepared to begin the next competition: onstage questions. After the question round, the Top 5 Miss Cardinal contestants prepared to present their final look in the final round.

Awards and Announcements

The new Miss Cardinal Court *left to right* 2nd runner Up, Norma Nava, Miss Cardinal 2019-2020, Bertha Arias, 1st Runner Up, Remijia Plascencia, and Ambassador Estefania Vejar

Awards were given out to all of the 2019-2020 Miss Cardinal contestants. Jhunelyn Parafina came onstage to dance to “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire as her final goodbye to her position of being San Bernardino High School’s Miss Cardinal of 2018-2019. 

The crowd reels with excitement as confetti bursts in the air and the new Miss Cardinal of 2018-2019 was announced. Jhunelyn Parafina of Miss Cardinal 2018-2019, walks up to crown the new Miss Cardinal of 2019-2020, Bertha Arias.

After her goodbye, the judges were ready to announce the winners of court for Miss Cardinal 2019-2020. Norma Nava was crowned Ambassador; Estefania Vejar was crowned 2nd Runner Up; and Remijia Plascencia won 1st Runner Up. Finally, it was time to announce Miss Cardinal 2019-2020. Jhunelyn’s father removed her crown and she presented it to the new Miss Cardinal of 2019-2020, Bertha Arias.