Javier Tovar, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 6

Javier Tovar, contestant number 6, is one of the more unknown contestants this year. Javier would like to let people know that he went through a lot, but still wants to do more for others.

Why do you want to major in Psychology?

“Psychology plays a really important factor in my life and I want to pursue it to help others. Especially since I have my own problem and I know how it is. So I would love to help others to make sure they don’t go through what I went through.”

Javier looks down at the table with a bit of sadness.

How are you feeling?

“Honestly a bit depressed because I’m just remembering a depressing memory that I managed to overcome.”

Javier lets out a small laugh and smiles.

“Well I was really close to my cousin and my godmother. Sadly, at the age of six, my cousin passed away, leaving me in a great depression. But with all the support and love I got from my friends and family, I was able to reduce my depression.”

He smiled and was prepared for the next question.

How has Mr. Cardinal affected your life so far?

“Mr. Cardinal allowed me to obtain new friends and reduce my depression. Not only that, it allowed me to appreciate life and want to help others even more. Now I just have to improve my confidence a bit more, which I know this program will help me achieve.”

He smiled then and departed to his second period class.

Make sure to help and support Javier make this world a better place and help spread awareness on mental health issues. And make sure to support and wish Javier good luck as he competes for the title of Mr. Cardinal 2019-2020 at Sturges Center of Performing Arts on April 13 at 5 P.M.


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