Daniel Macias, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 9

Mr. Cardinal is around the corner and we wanted to get one on one interviews with the contestants to get a better understanding of who they are offstage.

Daniel Macias is an ambitious, persistent, and determined guy who has participated in food drives, which is one of his greatest achievements, and has even volunteered in charity events. Daniel has organized a reading hour for children at a local library.

His greatest achievements are helping out his community by giving children toys for Christmas and going out of his comfort zone to participate in Mr. Cardinal.

Daniel’s most memorable experience was attending a summer trip made by the Gear Up program which visited all 23 Cal States across California. The trip took place during the summer going into his Junior year. “It is an experience that I’ll never forget.”

He would like to attend the University of Woodburg because they specialize in architecture and in real estate development. Daniel wants to major in real estate and become a real estate developer.

After college, other than a job, he pictures himself getting his parents a house and helping them with money because he knows how much they’ve struggled. He also pictures himself traveling. “I would want to travel to the most random places ever around the world to create new experiences in my life,” he said. “I want to see new cultures and traditions that perhaps I could be part of for at least a day or two to see what brings others together with happiness.”

“What I hope to gain from this experience is self confidence, better my public speaking skills, and get to know those around me a lot more by making conversation,” he said. “I really want to make new friendships that will better me.”

Daniel Macias

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