The Perfect Date

We’ve all dreamed of that perfect date. That moment we are swept off our feet and are focused only on the person we’re with. A few of our students had some ideas to share.

Monica Dominguez

Splashing around in the water. As we watch the sunset along the horizon. Yellow, orange, red splattered across the sky in a beautiful pattern. Having some snacks and just hanging their till dark. “I would like to go with a boyfriend,” Monica said. “I think the vibe would be a whole lot better than with any other person.”

Destiny MartinezStephanie's pic 3

Destiny’s perfect date would be going on an adventure. Whether its a road trip, Disneyland, or going to Six Flags, she would like to go on this date with her dream guy, Adriel Favela.

“His personality is like no other,” she said with a smile on her face. “I would like it to just be the both of us alone and in love.”

Kimberly Hernandez

Stephanie's pic 2Kimberly likes the idea of having a date at an amusement park. The adrenaline rush you get after getting off a roller coaster is even more exciting when you’re there with the perfect person. The perfect person for Kimberly would be her crush Diego.*

“I feel great vibes from him,” she said as she continued to explain how he’s great at talking. “And he’s really attractive.”

Name has been changed for the purpose of keeping her crush a secret*

Carlos Adrian Andrade

Carlos’ idea of a perfect date would be going out for a nice candlelit dinner and a movie afterward. “I would let her choose,” he said. He would just like her to have a fun time.

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