Spooky Times with Tyro

For the month of October, Tyro is featuring a new column, Spooky Times with Tyro. This column features spooky, eerie, ghoulish tales written by the Tyro staff and fellow Cardinal City students. Here’s the latest submission.


A married couple had plans to go out one evening and hired their trusted babysitter. That would be you. You were called to watch over their three children, Marcy, Bobby, and Benny. When you arrived at the house, the parents told you they wouldn’t be back home until late and that the children were asleep, so you didn’t have to bother them.

As they backed out of the driveway, you wave goodbye and head over to the kitchen table with a backpack full of English and math homework. In the middle of your first reading assignment, the telephone rings. You answer it, but hear no one on the other end – just silence. Then, click. They hang up. You shrug and continue your homework, thinking the phone call was unimportant.

After a few minutes, it rings again. You answer it and on the other end is a man who, in a chilling voice, asks, “have you checked the children?”


You decided to call the place the couple said they’d be, but when you asked for Mr. and Mrs. Devon, the lady on the line said that they had left the area 45 minutes ago.

You then decide to call the police and explain that a stranger kept calling you and hung up each time.

The dispatcher asked, “Has he threatened you?” You tell them no. She tells you that there’s nothing the police can do about it and to send the prank caller over to a phone company.

You continue your homework in hopes that it is just a prank call. A few minutes go by and you receive another call. You answer.

“Why haven’t you checked the children, yet?” the voice asks ominously.

“Who is this?” you whisper fearfully.


You dial 911 again and shakily say, “I’m scared! I know he’s watching me.”

The dispatcher asks, “Can you see him?”

You say no and she once again says that there’s not much they can do.

You go into panic mode, desperate for help.

“Now, now. It’ll be okay,” the dispatcher says calmly. “Give me your number and street address and try to keep the guy on the phone for at least a minute to see if we can trace the call. What was your name again?”

You gave the dispatcher all the needed information.

After the phone call, you decided to turn the lights down, just in case the man could see you. You turned them down but right after, you got another call.

“It’s me,” the familiar voice said. “Why’d you turn the lights off?”

“Can you see me?” you ask, choking back tears.

“Yes,” he says after a long pause.

“Okay, you’ve scared me enough! I’m shaking! Are you happy? Is this what you wanted?” you yelled into the phone.


“Then what do you want from me?” you cry.

After a long pause, “Your blood…. all over me.”


You keep the phone to your ear, staring out the window with wide eyes full of fear.

Just then the phone rings again and you answer quickly, yelling, “Leave me alone!”

“We’ve traced the call! It’s coming from another room inside of the house! Get. Out. Now!!” the dispatcher yells.

You ran to the front door, attempting to unlock it and run outside, but the chain was still attached. In the time it takes to unlock it, the children’s door swings open, revealing the silhouette of a man.

You finally get the door open and run outside to find a two police cars parked out front with their guns pointed toward the door.

You run and tell them that the man is inside. At this point, you are safe.

As they drag the intruder outside, you’re finally able to get a clear look at him and notice that he’s covered in blood – fresh, dripping, crimson blood.

Panicked, you dart desperately into the house before the police can stop you. Racing up the stairs, you scream hysterically, “Marcy!!! Bobby!! Beeeennnnnyyyyy!!!! Answer me! Please answer me!” 

At last you reach the children’s bedroom and after one look inside, you collapse to your knees, sobbing and vomiting uncontrollably. All three children have been slaughtered and dismembered, their body parts violently scattered across the room.

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