Top 5 Scary Movies

We all love the feeling of getting scared even if you hate scary movies. Some people like to watch horror films because they want to experience a complex emotion. Another reason why we love it is the adrenaline rush we get: we can in some way face our fears even though we know it’s a movie and we don’t have to face them in reality.

We were all born with a really active brain and we are all curious. We enjoy being shocked and left wondering what’s going happen next. As a matter of fact, scientists even say it’s the excitement we enjoy even if it is coming from a negative source.  In the end, it’s all just the feeling of being scared but being safe.

To quote Michael Meyers, “It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.” Grab some popcorn, lock your doors and windows tight, and check out our list of frightening flicks.


“Halloween” is a 1978 slasher film that was directed by John Carpenter. The film is about  a serial killer Michael Myers. He spends his time stalking and killing teenage babysitters on Halloween night. This film is focused on Michael as he’s committed into a sanitarium as a child for the murder of his older sister Judith Myers. Fifteen years later, he escapes from the mental hospital and returns to the small town, Haddonfield, to kill again. Many viewers rated it a 10 out of 10, saying it is a really good movie to watch if you’re looking to get scared.

Spooktacular Quote: Dr. Loomis: “I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes… the devil’s eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply… evil.”

The Conjuring

“The Conjuring” is a 2013 biographical thriller directed by James Wan. In 1970, Carolyn and Roger Perron move into a farmhouse along with their five daughters and their dog. Terrifying paranormal events occur within the first few nights, prompting the Perrons to call the Warrens, who are noted paranormal investigators. What they discover will take every ounce of faith, perseverance, and strength to survive. People say “The Conjuring” is better, scarier, and even more intense than “Insidious.” The movie actually received an R rating simply for the terror people experience when watching. 

Spooktacular Quote: Roger Perron: “ I don’t know what you are! But you leave my wife alone damn you!” Bathsheba: “She’s already gone.. And now you’re all gonna die.”

Dead Silence

“Dead Silence” is a 2007 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, the creators of the film “Saw.” “Dead Silence” focuses on a young widower’s determination to discover the truth about his wife’s mysterious and gruesome death. Could her death be related to Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist who was hunted down and murdered by the townspeople in 1940s? Will he discover the truth before the curse kills him too? This movie is guaranteed to make you jump! 

Spooktacular Quote: Jamie Ashen: “Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children, only dolls. Ella Ashen: If you go looking for answers, you just might find them.”


“The Terrifier” is a 2017 a brutally gory horror film directed by Damien Leone. The film is also based on Leones short film of the anthology “All Hallows Eve.” The movie is based on a maniacal homicidal clown who terrorizes three younger women on a Halloween night and anyone else who happens to stand in his way. Viewers say it is one of the most creepy, gory, blood-soaked killer clown movies ever made.

Spooktacular Quote: “I’d honestly rank him among the scariest clowns in horror, if not the creepiest ever.”

Tales of Halloween

“Tales of Halloween” is a 2015 horror comedy film anthology consisting of ten segments each revolving around Halloween. The ten stories take place in a suburban American town that is terrorized by ghouls, aliens, and killers.  The movie was directed by Neil Marshall and many more. The film actually had its world premiere on July 24, 2015, at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

Spooktacular Quote: Darla: “Do you know why we wear costumes on Halloween? It’s so the dead don’t know who is alive.”

Whether you are just getting ready for the Halloween season or planning on a horrific marathon movie night on Halloween, these movies are sure to make you want to leave the lights on. Is there a fright-filled flick that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments!

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