Top 10 Haunts

In honor of season where we celebrate the creatures that go bump in the night, here is a list of places you may not want to be visiting once the sun goes down.

San Bernardino High School

SBHS is said to be haunted by the ghost of a teenage student called Vicki Baxter who attended the school. She was killed in a late 1920s car crash on her way to the prom. She can be seen on nearby roads walking towards the school. She is there before mornings and disappears in the sunlight.

The California Theatre of the Performing Arts – San Bernardino

California_Theatre, San_Bernardino

Will Rogers was a popular Cowboy Philosopher, humorist, and one of America’s first political satirists in the early 1900s. His last public performance was at the California Theatre in San Bernardino, California in 1935 before heading to Alaska, where he died in a plane crash. Since his death, employees and visitors at the theatre state he has been seen over the years in the dressing room he used during his last performance.

Morey Mansion – Redlands


The house was built in 1890 by residents David and Sarah Morey in Redlands. It is said that both of them remain in the house today. Shortly after David and Sara moved into the house, Sara died of a sudden illness and her husband committed suicide not long after. Ghost-hunting teams have captured orbs, strange hot spots, and pictures of the initials S.M.

Barton Mansion – Redlands

Barton Mansion

The Barton Mansion was built in the 1860s by Redlands resident Dr. Ben Barton. For decades the mansion was rumored to be a hotspot for Satan worshipers. This is a location made infamous in a video shot by a group of paranormal investigators in the early 2000s where they depicted a demon or ghost emerging from a room in the abandoned building.

Agua Mansa – A town near Colton

Agua Mansa is an abandoned town in San Bernardino county and is officially a ghost town. It used to be the most popular location in San Bernardino; now no one lives there and all the buildings have fallen apart. People first began abandoning the city back in 1862 when a huge flood destroyed much of it. There are about two thousand dead bodies buried there and the whole area is rumored to be haunted by hundreds of ghosts.

Mission Inn Hotel – Riverside
Mission Inn Catacombs
The catacombs underneath the Mission Inn.

The Mission Inn Hotel was originally built back in 1878, it spans several blocks, and is a stunning Mediterranean style resort full of spiral staircases, towers, and courtyards. The Mission Inn is said to be haunted by Frank and Alice Miller who are the son and the daughter of the original owner, C.C. Miller. It is claimed that both of them are wandering the hallways of the Mission Inn and that they haunt many of the rooms. Paranormal activity that is reported at The Mission Inn include guests being touched or pushed, cell phones failing, floating blue lights and the sound of Alice singing.

Mount Rubidoux – Riverside
Mount Rubidoux World_Peace_Bridge_Riverside_CA
World Peace Bridge on Mount Rubidoux

Mount Rubidoux stands 500 feet above the city of Riverside it is a great hiking trail. The owner Frank Miller built a road to the top and built a cross in 1907 in honor of Father Junipero Serra. People have also reported seeing apparitions, ghostly figures, and even the image of Jesus Christ himself up at the top especially at night. Rocks piling up on their own as well as secret passages to catacombs perhaps leading to the Mission Inn.

Evergreen Cemetery – Riverside
Entrance to the Mausoleum at Evergreen Cemetery in Riverside

Evergreen Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the city. It used to be rundown and poorly maintained until it was refurbished a few years ago. Prominent citizens from the founders of the city to war veterans were laid to rest here. Ghost hunters claim what makes this cemetery special are the ghosts from the period of the Influenza Pandemic in 1918-1919. Many who visit report a strange green fog that they can see late at night along with being able to hear voices on their recordings.

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse – Colton

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse is located in Colton, California and sports a great menu and a good atmosphere. Just before you get to the entrance to the women’s restroom you might notice the print of a person’s hand on the wall. The hand print is believed to be of a young girl who would eat there in the early 70s until her death in 1974. Employees have cleaned and sanded the hand print but it just keeps coming back.

The Queen Mary – Long Beach

Queen Mary at Night

The Queen Mary is a former World War II troopship now permanently moored in Long Beach Harbor as a floating hotel. Hotel guests and staff alike have described hundreds of ghosts, which seem to be particularly concentrated in certain spots, including the infamous first-class swimming pool, engine room, boiler room, and Isolation Ward. A sailor who was crushed to death in the ship’s engine room haunts the room. Ghost children have been spotted in the ship’s pool.

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