The Demon in the Hall

When it comes to paranormal activity, some people believe in ghosts and some don’t. There are so many unexplained events that happen within the real world dealing with the paranormal. These are stories from real people who have witnessed real-life paranormal events.

Over summer break I stayed up really late at night, scrolling through Instagram on my phone. One week in July I was scrolling as usual and I looked up and saw a demon standing in my hallway staring at me. During that one week, I continued seeing that demon standing in the doorway that leads to the hallway and every time I saw it, I would automatically go to sleep. I did not want to deal with it. The demon appeared Monday and Tuesday nights but on Wednesday night it didn’t appear. I was glad, and figured it went away for good. I was also relieved it didn’t seem to take an interest in me.

Thursday night came and, as always, I was on my phone scrolling through Instagram while texting with my boyfriend. Around that time, the demon appeared but this time it wasn’t standing at the doorway but walking up towards me. I watched its every move until I saw it reaching out for me. I hid under my blanket, texted my boyfriend that it was trying to grab me and at that time my boyfriend told my brother over the PlayStation to wake up my dad to tell him what was happening. I heard my brother wake up my dad and tell him that I was scared. My dad later came in, asking me what happened. At that point I was crying, telling him about the demon I kept seeing and that it  was trying to grab me. My dad then, thankfully, told me to sleep in their room.

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