The Past Four Years

Over the past four years we have experienced many amazing events – some have made a lasting impression on us while others (the often forgotten Synergy Day) have faded with time. So before we walk across that stage and begin the next chapter of our lives, let’s stroll down memory lane and recount some of these moments. Let’s begin with an easy one – the unforgettable outside rally where airplanes and motorbikes were brought to SBHS in order to say goodbye to our previous principal and to celebrate our school becoming a historical site. Let’s not forget to mention the first black-out rally, where we all wore white in order to glow in the dark. Of course, a rally wouldn’t be a rally without the seniors chanting “Go Home Freshmen, Go Home!” and the freshmen responding with “Drop Out Seniors, Drop Out!”

Now let’s move on to some of our accomplishments. Going from one of the worst to the second highest in test scores? That was us and something we should all be proud of! How about the fact that we took back our trophy, The Sun Telegraph, from Pacific? Talk about a highlight!

But, with big events like these, it’s easy to forget the smaller events, the ones that aren’t flashy and don’t make it to social media or the news. More personal moments such as the new friendships formed, and the friendships that were lost. Personal goals that were met and others which have just been made. It’s been a good four years, and now it’s time to make more memories that will last a lifetime.

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