Farwell to 2017-2018 Cardinal Court

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A year ago, Justin Mendoza was crowned Mr. Cardinal along with his court, Javier Molina, Jason Mendoza, and Nathan Hunter. Together, all of you experienced many happy and, at times, stressful moments as you carried out your duties; but when you reflect on the past year spent serving the crown, and think about all of those great memories that were made, the brotherhood created, and the father-like relationship built with our director, Jamie Rios, you have to admit that this was a once in a lifetime experience.

You have all served with pride and, if you continue to live life with that much dedication and passion, there’s no telling where all of you will finish. Justin Mendoza, Mr. Cardinal, you have served with passion, pride, joy, and have taken the program to new heights. All of you have left your mark at Cardinal City.

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