A woman’s perspective: Valerie Divers

100 years ago, the 19th Constitutional Amendment was ratified, officially allowing women across the United States the right to vote. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Today, the fight for gender equality … Continue reading A woman’s perspective: Valerie Divers

Jasmine’s COVID19 Story

COVID19 has had a serious impact on us all – from canceled activities, school closures, and online learning to social distancing, wearing masks in public and feeling isolated from our friends and family members. Students have unique perspectives and experiences during this pandemic. We are featuring these stories from out SBHS students, beginning with our Tyro Times staff. Here is my story. How has COVID19 … Continue reading Jasmine’s COVID19 Story

Twin Rivalry: the Parafinas

Twin sisters Jennah Parafina and Jannah Parafina can be very different from each other though they look like the spitting image of one another.   How they differ: “I’m short, more athletic, and I have better grades.” Jennah Parafina    “I beat my sister at chess and I’m better artistically.” Jannah Parafina  How they compare: “We’re Asian.” Jennah Parafina What they do for fun: “ I … Continue reading Twin Rivalry: the Parafinas

Cadets in AFJROTC learn respect and drill

By Michael Torres It’s another typical Tuesday of drill where cadets in AFJROTC dress in uniforms and practice drill sequences. Cadets have to dress sharply in their uniforms and practice drills. Every Tuesday we have to wear our uniform and we are supposed to wear it, we’ll wear it at a point where you look sharp, have everything right, your shirt tucked in, said Cindy … Continue reading Cadets in AFJROTC learn respect and drill