Twin Rivalry: the Parafinas

Twin sisters Jennah Parafina and Jannah Parafina can be very different from each other though they look like the spitting image of one another.  

How they differ:

“I’m short, more athletic, and I have better grades.” Jennah Parafina 

  “I beat my sister at chess and I’m better artistically.” Jannah Parafina 

How they compare:

“We’re Asian.” Jennah Parafina

What they do for fun:

“ I hardly have any free time, but when I do, I enjoy anime and eat food.” Jennah Parafina 

  “I draw.” Jannah Parafina 

Music they like:

“I listen to oldies.” Jennah Parafina

“I listen to many varities.” Jannah Parafina

Clubs or sports they participate in:

“I am in varsity cheer, JV volleyball, freshman basketball, Renaissance club, choir club, and NHS.” Jennah Parafina 

 “I’m in theater, NHS, PACC, museum club, and art club.” Jannah Parafina

How they dress:

 “I dress comfortably.” Jennah Parafina

“I dress comfortably.” Jannah Parafina

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