Holiday Dark Days

Ever since the start of the pandemic, COVID-19 has impacted almost all of us in some way, whether that was not being able to go out and see our loved ones, or even perhaps losing a loved one. This whole process of fighting against the virus has not been an easy one, and for sure has not been easier when it comes to the holidays.

When we think of the holidays, what usually comes to mind is joy and excitement, but last year that changed completely. Most of us have been separated from the ones we love most, and due to the pandemic, a lot of us are still prevented from seeing them due to the fear of catching the virus. This year seems like it will be the same as the last, making these days just that much more upsetting.

“Last year’s holidays were not the best because we couldn’t go out or see anyone. I wish it was better but it was hard because of COVID.  We couldn’t see family and we just put up stuff. It sucks because we couldn’t do certain things or go to certain places like we normally would,” said freshman Robert Sanchez.

“Well, for the holidays last year, I didn’t do much because of the pandemic. I remember we stayed home and had a small little Christmas thing. We usually go to my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve and open presents, eat, etc. Then on Christmas day we wake up and open presents,” said freshman Kayla Davis Cattuzzo.

For some, the holidays were not only depressing, but also very dull since they could not go out and visit loved ones or have fun due to a lot of places being shut down for the moment.

“The holidays were honestly the same. I stayed home. I sometimes went out with my family, but it was kind of boring compared to the other holidays and I’m hoping this year is different,” said senior Elizabeth Mendez.

Not only did the pandemic stop us from visiting family, it also impacted the amount of gift giving that happened between one another. 

I asked if fewer gifts were given due to COVID_19 causing parents to lose their jobs, receive lower pay, or their family struggling to keep their job.

“Yes there was, but we always did a Secret Santa, which we are doing this year, ” said Mendez.

“Yes, from what I remember, last year we had less gifts than we usually did,” said Davis.

I asked Davis if it was the fear of getting sick or the fact that she had loved ones already sick and did not want to catch COVID-19.

“I believe it was the pandemic that prevented us because my great grandmother, being older, was at a higher risk for catching COVID.  In fact, we can’t go this year because she got sick with COVID,” said Davis.

Not everyone stayed home from visiting family because they had caught the illness; some were out of direct fear the pandemic had laid on them.

“No, I didn’t have any family get sick, but regardless, we never went out much. I was scared a little, but I took precaution and was safe when I went out,” said Mendez.

For the holidays this year, things were slightly different and precautions were taken. 

“For Christmas, I went with my family to my aunt’s house to celebrate, but we stayed inside and ate and just talked to each other. We were actually supposed to celebrate at my house but because most of my mom’s side was there, we changed plans. We made sure no one was sick and stayed inside,” said Mendez.

“This year for Christmas, we went to my mom’s boyfriend’s mom’s house, for a dinner party thing,” said Davis.

Although the pandemic has affected and completely turned our lives upside down, we can always hope for a brighter future and know that this won’t last forever. Wear a mask and social distance, because this issue is far from over.

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