What daylight are we saving?

Do we really need Daylight Savings Time? The reason we change our clocks an hour forward or backward is to make better use of the daylight. How does this affect the majority of the population though? 

“I feel like it’s only a thing for farmers, it doesn’t affect me. I don’t even feel like I get an extra hour of sleep during fall. I watch iCarly all night anyways,” said Nicholas Alanon, 12. 

Byron Pastrana, 11, says no. “It’s nice because I feel like I can be up earlier and walk to school in daylight, so I like it how it is. It should stay like this.”

And an even bigger question: If we got rid of Daylight Savings, would we go with Spring time or Fall time? 

“I like Fall Daylight Savings better, I get sleepy earlier,” said Cynthia Ramirez, 11. The same answer from Byron Pastrana, 11, and Nathaniel Baker, 9. 

Other students and staff have different opinions, though. “I like Spring Daylight Savings, I feel like that time lasts longer than Fall Daylight Savings,” said Crystal Butts, a staff member, and Nicholas Alanon, 12. 

13 students out of 25 from SBHS said they like Spring Daylight Savings. When asked why, the majority said they like having more daylight while they’re actually awake. 12 students out of 25 said they like Fall Daylight Savings. When asked why, the majority said they like it getting darker earlier.

So should we keep Daylight Savings Time? How will this change benefit us in the long-run? Or should we stay the way we are with turning the clocks every two seasons? Comment Below.

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