Administration at SBHS: An inside view

At San Bernardino High School Administration seems untouchable, like these people who are just here to discipline students, the people who sit in the quad and yell at students to go to class. But is that all there is? 

Administration is made up of many people, but the amazing people I got to interview were Dr. Rosa Solorio, Dr. Stephon Brown, and Mrs. Persida Torres. I had the opportunity to sit and talk with these three about their jobs and what they entail in order to better student understanding, and so they don’t seem so unreachable. 

“We really do care. It’s not about a title, it’s not about doing whatever is in our job description. We are here for the good of the students, the good of the school, and the good of the community,” Solorio said.

Administration is here for so many reasons. Unfortunately, many students only see the admin team when they are yelling at students in the quad to get to class or when students are in trouble, but the administration is steadily trying to change that. 

“I’m yelling at you to get to class because I want you to be successful,” Solorio said.

The admin team’s goal by the end of the year is to meet the students in their apha range (the students they are assigned by last name). They are doing this to try and connect with students in a positive manner before there is an issue or the student is in trouble.

Solorio is a vice principal who oversees the math, physical education, and athletic departments. She has two children who participate in basketball so that keeps her busy. She says she enjoys seeing students at games and vice versa. 

“I have been in this community for almost twenty years, and I have left and come back because I know this is where I’m supposed to be, and even on the tough days I still love my job,” she said.

Brown is helps supervise the special education department. He is from the Bahamas, and he came to the U.S for college. Once in the U.S., he completed ten different degrees, including one in Bioethics with a focus in human rights and public policy, Special Education, and Administrative Education. He has been married for 23 years, and has a very blended family with two sons, and four daughters. 

Brown enjoys reaching out to students, even if it is just a “Hi” or “Hello,” he said it can really change someone’s day. 

“I love San Bernardino high school. I get to see potential, and future, and I get to be apart of that,” he said.

“Being amongst brilliance in this urban area is amazing especially when these areas are so looked down upon in society.” – Dr. Stephon Brown

Torres enjoys being at home with her family. She oversees various departments, and typically deals with students who need help getting in and out of classes. She facilitates the meetings and approves if the class can get switched or not. 

She says she typically only sees students when they get referrals, so when she goes to dance and school events, she feels like she does not really know the students. Her goal is to get into classrooms and interact with students and teachers to build those relationships. 

“When i’m really stressed, or having a stressful day I like to go out with the kids, and be out with them because they are the reason I’m here,” she said. 

The administration, in reality, are not these untouchable people; it just seems that way. Maybe if students take a minute to talk to them they might learn something new about admin and themselves. 

Administration is currently trying to get their alpha in for mini talks to gauge this gap between the students and themselves. If students want to learn more about what they do, maybe stop by the office and sit with them for a day to see what their job is really about. 

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