First month of high school for Freshmen

By Christian Nunez

The first month of school is different for everyone. Many students are happy about seeing their friends again, sad or nervous about starting at a new school, or they just don’t care and want school to be over. For the freshmen, it is a big change from middle school because it can affect their life in many ways. 

Kimberly Morales is on the stairs with her friends making jokes on September 20th

Here are two freshmen who had very different experiences with extracurriculars, making new friends, and academics. One of the struggles of starting at a new school, is the fear of starting. 

Kimberly Morales said, “I felt nervous before starting High School because everyone complains about it.” Luckily she has made new friends that she hopes will all stay in touch throughout high school. 

Kimberly has already joined one of many sports on campus this first month of school. It has already impacted her in many ways. 

“I’m excited about being a part of color guard, I feel like I’m going to have more opportunities that other kids that aren’t in extracurriculars don’t have,” she said. 

One of the ways Band Color Guard has impacted how she feels about high school is her confidence. She was always afraid of performing and being in front of a lot of people, but not anymore. There is an obvious change in Kimberly since she has begun high School.

Stephanie Butron is outside the cafeteria waiting for K-pop Club to start.

Stephanie Butron is a who freshman had a different experience in her first month at SBHS. Stephanie, compared to Kimberly, wasn’t nervous overall with starting high school. Stephanie’s academics are all right; they are pretty normal for a freshman. Stephanie has made many new friends from her classes and her extracurriculars. One of Stephanie’s favorite classes is theatre. 

“I like all the information that they give us about sets, props, and crew, and I don’t like all the notes that we take,” she said. Stephanie attends K-pop Club after school. What Stephanie finds interesting about the club is that they’re many different types of people. She also has made many new friends that all have the same interest.

Overall, all Freshman have different first month experiences, from being in Color Guard, to joining K-pop Club, and for some, doing nothing.

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