Did You See That?

We all love to share a good laugh among our friends while watching hilarious videos on the internet or curling up next to each other with a good conspiracy theory! Below is a list of 5 YouTube videos that students here at SBHS and I found interesting!

1. Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories


Shane Dawson is known to be one of the best conspiracy theory creators on YouTube. He makes conspiracies about celebrities and sometimes the government! Give it a watch!

2. Billie Eilish


Who does not love good music? Billie Eilish is known for her unique voice, style and music videos. One of her most recent music videos, “Bury a Friend,” has a very eerie and chilling sound, but the music video will have you putting it on repeat.

3. Mukbangs by Stephanie Soo

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Many students enjoy watching “mukbangs,” which are videos of people eating a heap of food and talking. Most share stories about themselves, crimes stories, or make it an ASMR video. Stephanie Soo is a mukbang star, known for talking about crime stories and discussing them with her fiancé without showing him on camera. Check Stephanie’s YouTube channel.

4. “On My Block”


Netflix original TV-series, “On My Block,” has almost everyone’s attention nowadays. Take a look now if you have a Netflix account.

5. James Charles and Tati Westbrook Scandal!


This is the talk of all social media platforms. Tati Westbrook spilled some tea about beauty influencer, James Charles. This caused a lot of drama within the beauty community but James Charles fired back with some reciepts! Check it out!

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