2018-2019 Miss Cardinal Contestant 2: Stephanie M. Galaviz

It is rare to find a teenager who thinks and cares about self-evaluation. Stephanie is one of those rare finds. She believes you should not run from your mistakes and that you should actually want to examine and learn from them. One of the lessons she has learned is that she realized that she was paying too much time and attention on other people, especially the ones who do not want or deserve it.

Stephanie also takes joy and interest in reading and writing poetry. She feels that it helps her express her thoughts and feelings such as sadness, confusion, concern, and happiness.

One of Stephanie’s most memorable experiences is when she went to a university. She loved being able to meet new people, which helped her see things much differently. It also forced her to get out of her comfort zone a lot more.

Stephanie describes herself as trustworthy, loyal, and determined. She does recognize her imperfections and weakness too. “One weakness I have is time management and being able to stay focused,” she said. Ironically, one of her strengths is working under pressure and getting stuff done and turned in on time. Even though she is not good at time management, she says she always finds a way to get it done on time.

She hopes participating in Miss Cardinal forces her outside her comfort zone often. She also enjoys the community service opportunities and helping people. If she were to win, she would like to organize more support clubs so student can talk to each other about their feelings and what is going on in their lives. She feels these support clubs will beneficial for students since teenagers don’t always feel comfortable talking to adults and staff about themselves and their problems.

When asked about what she might do differently from the previous Miss Cardinal, should she win, Stephanie said, “I actually want to be like her. I kind of look look up to her because she was a great Miss Cardinal and she wants to be a great one as well.” 

One thing that I find cool about Stephanie is that for her, her definition of success is a little different. Success for her is when she feels comfortable and confident with herself and others. She feels this way so that she can talk to more people and make more connections.

After graduation, Stephanie plans to explore many areas of life and studies. She said she likes to do different things and that she “can’t just do one thing in her life.” Some areas she might explore are Anthropology, Neurology, languages with other cultures, and engineering.

Life experiences and self-evaluation have taught her a lesson she says is important to pass onto freshmen. “It takes a long time to grow and develop a character for yourself, so don’t rush. Take your time and enjoy life,” she says. 

Remember to support Stephanie as she competes for the title of Miss Cardinal 2018-2019 on September 15, 2018 at Sturges Center for the Performing Arts! Doors open at 5 pm.


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