2018-2019 Miss Cardinal Contestant 13: Silvana Mazun


Some students here at San Bernardino High School could care less about the environment around them. However, should she win the Miss Cardinal title, Silvana Mazun, would not use her royal power for anything other than going out into the community to help.

Once she puts her mind to something, it is almost impossible for her not to put her full effort into getting what she desires. Mazun is driven, hoping to not only win the title, but to build and create friendships with the other girls who are running for the same position.

“I’m at a good place right now. I’ve got my work together. I’m finally focusing on me and not always on education. That’s why I’m doing Miss Cardinal – because I’ve always focused all my time on school. Now I’m getting involved in a lot of stuff,” Mazun says.

With a lot of girls running, it pushes Mazun harder. Miss Cardinal should be driven and willing to make new friends even though they are her opponents. She doesn’t necessarily see them that way.

She has invested her free time in volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and has made the most of her experience with her Littles. It shows her love for kids and for people in general. “The past two years, I’ve had one Little so this will be my first year that I’m switching to another Little. But I enjoyed my Little a lot. She would always ask me for help and tell me about her life,” Mazun says.

Working with little kids has inspired Mazun to become a teacher when she graduates college and earns her credentials. She says she wishes to teach kindergartners and elementary school students. “Ever since I was little, I would always like helping out my teachers or being a little tutor, and I enjoy working with kids”, she says.

Mazun says she would like to attend Cal State San Bernardino after she graduates from high school. She thinks it would be easier to still live here and be in school. “It’s closest to home and more affordable,” she states.

Mazun has described herself as trustworthy, driven, and organized. Driven, because once she puts her mind to something, she always completes her goal. “I start what I finish,” she says. Trustworthy, she says, “if you give me your trust, I’m not going to betray you.” Organized, because she always likes her stuff to be put together and she’s very good with using time management.

“I’m willing to go out and help out my community. Even if it’s not like the nicest places. I like to get my hands dirty,” Mazun says.

Her drive to make her community a better place, not just for herself but for her fellow peers and the friends she’s made while running for Miss Cardinal, definitely shows the kind of person she is at heart. Win or lose, she will continue to inspire others to be as caring for their home as she is.

Remember to support Silvana as she competes for the title of Miss Cardinal 2018-2019 on September 15, 2018 at Sturges Center for the Performing Arts! Doors open at 5 pm.

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