SBHS’s Quill & Scroll Inductees

The Quill & Scroll International Honor Society for High School Journalists was established on April 10, 1926, and is based out of the University of Iowa. Cardinal City’s Tyro Times newspaper and Tyro Yearbook became members of this organization in 1930 and have competed and won many international writing and photo contests and plan n participating in the Yearbook Excellence Contest and News Media Evaluation process. … Continue reading SBHS’s Quill & Scroll Inductees

Get Involved and Join a Club!

Yearbook Club: Interested in being a part of the people who record the school’s history? By taking pictures and writing stories, students have the opportunity to be in charge of topics at the school that they feel passionate about. Yearbook students get to go to events and document the fun times people have. They get to put their prideful work into the yearbook and show … Continue reading Get Involved and Join a Club!

2018 Tyro: Soaring Into 2018

This year’s Tyro Annual theme is Soaring into 2018. We will be taking this yearbook to new heights by including QR codes with videos from Miss/Mr. Cardinal, basketball games, rallies, and more. We encourage you to buy your Yearbook today! It’s a long-lasting memory that will help you remember your four years here at Cardinal City. Prices are $60 but if you wait, the price … Continue reading 2018 Tyro: Soaring Into 2018