2018 Tyro: Soaring Into 2018

This year’s Tyro Annual theme is Soaring into 2018. We will be taking this yearbook to new heights by including QR codes with videos from Miss/Mr. Cardinal, basketball games, rallies, and more. We encourage you to buy your Yearbook today! It’s a long-lasting memory that will help you remember your four years here at Cardinal City. Prices are $60 but if you wait, the price will go up to $75. You can put a down payment for only $15 in C1 with our new bookkeeper, Mrs.Ferguson. Remember, if you bought a yearbook you will be invited to our end-of-the-year distribution party directed by your Advertising Manager, Kimberly Andrade. And now here’s a message from our Yearbook Adviser, Mrs. Olsen about why you should buy your Yearbook…The Yearbook is important because It lets students reflect on the year and it’s a permanent record of what happened during their high school years.

Photo Credit: Christian Martinez and Jorge Cervantes

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