Volleyball: The end of a beginning

_________ Covid-19 and a New School Year Lady Cardinals ended this volleyball season strong. Not only did our volleyball girls have a vigorous team, they underwent some new regulations due to Covid-19 and the beginning of a new school year starting up.  Our Varsity, JV, and Freshman team faced many obstacles. Our athletes had to wear a mask during their games and they weren’t allowed … Continue reading Volleyball: The end of a beginning

Twin Rivalry: the Parafinas

Twin sisters Jennah Parafina and Jannah Parafina can be very different from each other though they look like the spitting image of one another.   How they differ: “I’m short, more athletic, and I have better grades.” Jennah Parafina    “I beat my sister at chess and I’m better artistically.” Jannah Parafina  How they compare: “We’re Asian.” Jennah Parafina What they do for fun: “ I … Continue reading Twin Rivalry: the Parafinas