2018-2019 SBHS Highlights

“Having my math class, I learned many life lessons in their.” Edith Angel 12

“Seeing everyone come together and cheer on the school one last time at the last rally.” Ricardo Alcala 11

“Meeting new friends aka. Samantha and Stephanie.” Jason Osorio 12

“Dancing with the girl I love at the school dance.” David Villalpando 12

“Being with my friends and enjoying our senior year.” Daniel Vega 12

“Prom in general” Amber Alexia 12

“Making new friends in every class and getting to know them.” Gisselle Magaña 11           

“I got a job at SBCUSD in the Human Resources section and it involves the school because they helped me get in contact with important people , It’s how I was able to buy my car and iMac to do homework…” Kymberly Perez 12

“Being stressed with my best friends” Krystal De La Paz 12

“The many chances the school provided for us to make memorable moments with friends!” Esmeralda Juarez 12

“Winning a league championship with the track team” Hector Negrete 12

“Having classes with my friend Stephanie.” Samantha Long 12

“Being nominated for prom queen and making new friends and some amazing best high school memories.” Destiny Martinez 12

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