She Was There For Me

Do you believe in paranormal activity? Have you ever felt or experienced something that you couldn’t quite explain and the only explanation for it is just too “out there” to be believed? I do and have, and this is my experience…

She Was There For Me

I was six years old when the string of events happened. In 2005, I lived on my grandmother’s property, which was rather big – it was actually split into three homes: the first house was occupied by my grandmother, the other house was occupied by my great grandmother, and the last house by my uncles.

That same year, my great grandma had passed away while I was at school. I didn’t find out until a week after my experience occurred. One afternoon during the week, I came home and finished my usual routine chores, homework, and then ate. When it was time to eat, I usually walked over to my great grandmother’s house since she was the only person home to cook. At six years old, my knowledge of cooking went only as far as pouring cereal into a bowl.

I walked over to my great grandmother’s house and as I took my shoes off, I felt an eerie vibe in the house. My great grandmother was a huge porcelain doll collector but it wasn’t the dolls causing the weird tension in the room. I noticed something was off and called out to my great-grandmother. All I heard in response was “agua,” which was what she said when she wanted water but couldn’t get up. I called out again, in a more questioning tone and, again, the response was “agua.” But this time, I heard it loud and clear. I walked over to her door and pushed it slowly open – only to reveal that no one was there.

At the time I shrugged it off – maybe I was mistaken or maybe she was outside. I didn’t eat that day, she and my uncle never came home. Instead, my dad picked me from there to spend the weekend over at his house since he had visitation rights for the weekend.

A week later, I found out that she had passed away in her sleep – my grandma found her when she went to check on her and my uncle. I’m not sure if my imagination got the better of me at the time or what, however, I am sure that the eerie vibe I felt wasn’t just my imagination. Maybe I didn’t hear anything, but she was definitely in the home with me that day.

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