Headdress Ball


The Headdress Ball is an event that is organized by the Assistant League. The money that is fundraised goes to two main operations. One of them is the Dental Center to make sure that everyone in the local community has a chance for dental care. Then there’s Operation School Bell, which is a nationwide program where students from K-12 are given the chance to receive new clothes for the school year since not everyone has sufficient money to buy new clothes.

Cathie Siglow was the person wearing the headdress. She is the president of the Assistant League in Redlands. She was a school physiologist, a ranger, and is a cross country motorcyclist. She is also the chairman of Professional Women of Redlands (PWR) and has been a member for 12-14 years. She became involved when she heard about the dental program and so she wanted to help. The PWR began in 1985, and was co-founded by Cheryl, one of the dancers.

Cheryl Evans founded PWR and was the president for the first two years. She became involved in the Headdress Ball because of her friend Cathie, but also because she likes to dance. She thought walking into the first practice that there were going to be more of their friends. To her surprise, there were people that were high school students, a college student, and others that are still in their youth. Getting involved was in the dance was a challenge for her but she likes to be challenged. The experience of being in the Headdress Ball for her was one that gave her some fun moments.

Maria Victoria Lockheart was the choreographer for the giving thanks themed dance. She was a teacher at Cal State San Bernardino for sometime. She was told about the Headress Ball when she was a student in Cal Sate San Bernardino by one of her professors and has been participating for 6 years. The first time she became involved the theme was Route 66 and her person’s headdress theme was “haunted mansion hole-in-the-wall place.” It is stressful but the whole outcome of her choreographed work is for a bigger purpose. She contributes with her time instead of buying a whole table like other people do. She likes the experience of getting to know her dancers on a personal level. She says that everyone has a special skill and so she tries to use their strengths in the dance.

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