Spend Your Points at The Nest

Cardinals, our student store is located in C2 (behind the cafeteria). It’s open every Wednesday after school from 2:45pm to 3:15pm. The store has many great items to spend your Hero points on so be sure to earn all the points you can! Get to class on time, be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be a Cardinal volunteer so you can rake in those Hero points!

The goodies in the Nest range in points. You can get chips, soda, cookies, crackers, candy, instant soup, water, and juice for only 30 points! For 40 points, you can get composition books, pens, mechanical pencils (lead 7mm), lined paper, colored highlighters, glue sticks, white out, and colored pencils. For 75 points, you can get a 3- ring binder (either 1 ½  inches or 2 inches). For 100 points, you can get a detention waiver. For 125 points, you can redeem your points and get an SBHS lanyard. With 150 points you can get a plastic SBHS bottles, and more!

thumbnail_IMG_7861[1].jpg thumbnail_IMG_7863[1].jpg

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