SBHS Student Leadership at Disneyland


Youth Action Project (YAP), an organization here on campus, was generous enough to pay for a three-hour leadership conference that took place over Spring Break at Disneyland for our student leaders.

Disneyland has a Youth Education Series (YES) program whose mission is to explore the relationship between good leadership and successful business strategies. Participants discovered the value of communication, training, and empowerment when creating an environment conducive to performance excellence and the achievement of business results.

Our Cardinals were very exited about being trained at the happiest place on earth! Some of the activities our student leaders participated included learning the importance of listening. For this activity, students were required to ask each other questions and remember their partner’s responses as they rode on Pirates of the Caribbean. While riding Thunder Mountain, students were reminded that anything is possible, as Thunder Mountain serves as a symbol of perseverance since when Walt Disney originally presented the ride to the City Counsel, he was told “No” due to its size and the city codes. However, with hard work and dedication, Walt Disney was able to build the now famous ride with out changing any of the ride’s specs or design. Cardinals also learned that one of the most important functions of a leader is to inspire the people you are leading.

Afterward the conference, our Cardinal leaders were given the rest of the day to enjoy the rides – including the Haunted Mansion, canoeing, the Star Wars ride, the Tea Cups, and the Go-Carts.

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