2018-2019 Mr. Cardinal Contestant 4: Hervin Labandaria

What has been your best high school experience so far? 

The best high school experience I’ve had so far has been being part of a team. Freshman year I joined water polo and swim and that was the first time I actually experienced interacting with other people and cooperating with them.

What was the most memorable thing about Water Polo? 

The most memorable thing about water polo was meeting the new people there, like Rudolpho, Jason, Justin, and Jorde, and learning things from them that I probably would never have learned without them.

What is something people don’t know about you? 

[Scooting closer to the voice recorder] I’ve done some pretty illegal things back in my year.

What is your hidden talent? 

My hidden talent would probably be… Maybe playing bass. That’s about it.

What is your vision for America? 

My vision for America? Probably war-torn because of WWIII and the upcoming war with North Korea.

What are your favorite songs and why are they meaningful to you? 

My most favorite song would have to be “No Vacation” by Dræm Girl because that song has a real deep meaning about friendship, but at the end of the friendship, there was a betrayal.

So, how does it feel to be taller than your older sister, Myzao? 

[Laughing] It feels pretty good.

Why did you join Mr. Cardinal?

I joined Mr Cardinal to have the experience that my seniors did –  aka Aldo, Javi, and Kevin. They said it was a fun experience and I wanted to try it.

So in your bio, it says that you describe yourself as “a happy bum.” Why do you describe yourself this way? 

Well I chose the words, “A Happy Bum” because I’m usually really mellow and happy and I don’t really need a lot of things to make me happy.

You also say you play the guitar. What is your favorite song to play? 

My favorite song to play on the guitar is “You Are Going To Hate This” by The Frights.

Is there anything else you wanted to say?

I wish luck to my other fellow Mr Cardinal members and future ones, and hope there are more to come.

Come out and watch Hervin compete for the crown of Mr. Cardinal on April 7th at the Sturges Center! Doors open at 5 pm and the show begins at 6 pm!

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