2018-2019 Mr. Cardinal Contestant 15: Roman Camarena

What prompted you to join Mr. Cardinal? 

I wanted to get to know more people and help out the community.

What is your favorite song and why do you like it so much? 

“Last Christmas.” It makes me happy. 🙂

What movie are you most excited about seeing? 

I’m actually not that into movies. I’d rather be active and playing tennis or soccer, or going hiking.

What is your favorite animal? 

[Happily and excitedly] Dogs. They are loyal, they’re always there for you, they help people and protect them. They scare away ghosts, and are adorable. My favorite breed is a Pug. They’re small, fast, and warn you.

Is there a college you’d like to attend? 

I’d like to go to Cal Poly Pomona. It calls me because my dad went there.

What do you see your future like in ten years? 

I hope to see myself financially stable, have a girlfriend or wife, and have started my career. And I know it sounds cheesy, but really I just want to be happy. I want a job that doesn’t feel like a job and having my loved ones very close to me.

Why do you think being happy is a “cheesy” ambition? 

Well, because people always say they want to be happy…but there are different definitions of happy.

Is there a country you would like to visit? 

I want to visit England. I love soccer and I want to experience the atmosphere, as well as the food and culture.

In your bio, you say that your greatest achievement is gaining your parents’ trust. Why is that your greatest achievement? 

My parents were more strict with me. And yet, they have so much faith in me when it comes to taking risks. They trust that I’m able to make individual decisions.

In your bio, you also say that “daring” is a good word to describe yourself. Why is that? 

I’m really not afraid to take risks. I’ve biked to Colton on my own, I take on a lot of responsibilities and challenges – like taking five AP classes at once! 🙂

Is there anything else I should have asked you but didn’t or anything else you would like to add? 

Well, you could ask how I balance everything.

That’s a good point. 🙂 So how do you balance everything you have going on in your life? 

Well, so far I’ve been able to manage school and extracurricular activities as well as put time into Mr. Cardinal.

Come out and watch Roman compete for the crown of Mr. Cardinal on April 7th at the Sturges Center! Doors open at 5 pm and the show begins at 6 pm!

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