Masquerade Winter Formal: Tyro review

After two years of not having a Winter Formal, this year ASB showed how mighty they can be. On Saturday, February 10th, Cardinal students enjoyed a night of food, dancing, and fun at the elegant Castaway Restaurant in the hills of San Bernardino. The theme this year was Masquerade and the ASB team was nice enough to provide masks for students who didn’t have their own. They served quesadillas, orange chicken on a stick, teriyaki on a stick, sweet meatballs, cheese sticks and wings. Dessert included fruits, M&M’s, rice crispy treats, and lollipops.

Our Cardinals raved about the fun they had. “Winter Formal was a night for the books! Everything was great and many amazing memories were made. I just can’t wait to see what they come up with for prom!!” said senior, Kimberly Andrade. This dance has raised the expectations for everyone in Cardinal City about prom. After a few minutes of dancing, Mrs. Imbriani stopped the music to name the new Winter Formal Court, which was Christian Golvea for the Senior King and Daisy Sandoval for Winter Queen, the Junior court was Hector and Violet, and the Sophomore Court was Billy Rice.

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